Congratulations To Our Hospitality Professionals

We Know The Importance Of Training Our Staff


Congratulations to our hard-working staff and receiving their Certificate III of Hospitality from Maxima Group.


We believe it's important to give our staff the opportunity to receive credible industry skills. Putting time and effort into your staff is mutually beneficial: if you empower them, they will make better contributions to the business. Ultimately, they will appreciate you and maintain a stronger relationship with you. Those relationships are valuable to us.


A special mention to our recent graduates, whose graduation was recently held at the Adelaide Oval: Adam, Jessica, Tim from the Arkaba, Jannaya from the Marion, Izaac and Cooper from Torrens Arms, and Dylan from the Tonsley. Congratulations also to Jannaya for being amongst the 3 nominated finalists for Trainee of the Year.


We thank you for being such valuable staff and making such important contributions to our hotels.