Welcome Derek - Our New Group Training Manager

School's In Session

With experience dating back to opening of the first ever 5-star hotel in Adelaide, we knew Derek was always going to be valuable to the group.
His resume is impressive. He's worked in between operational and management areas of Rooms Division and Food and Beverage in 5-star hotels, pubs, cafes, restaurants, and function centres. He's seen it all. 
With a wide range of hospitality skills, he is going to help all our staff to rise to a sophisticated level. We know that hospitality is about creating an experience. Working side by side with our staff, his training modules enable our staff to facilitate that perfect experience. 
Derek's going to help our staff to grow in their positions and even potentially develop their positions into careers.
Reinvesting in your staff is a cornerstone of the Hurley Group. Grow the person; grow the business.
We all work together here. Derek makes that bond stronger.
It's going to be an exciting journey for the group. We look forward to working with him.