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Hurley Hotel Group Training

The Hurley Hotel Group employs more than 600 South Australians in 10 Hotels across the state, with over 120 full time employees and hundreds of casuals both regionally in Port Lincoln and Mannum as well as across the great Adelaide metropolitan area. One of the group’s core values is “invest time in the person and they will invest time in you” therefore we provide all of our staff with a dedicated training program to give them the confidence and knowledge to grow in their positions and potentially develop their positions into careers.

For our metro venues the opportunity for training occurs every 2 weeks, Pretoria at Mannum once a month and Port Lincoln one every 2 months with an intensive 3-4 day visit. The program covers has been developed to cover all aspects of the hospitality industry including front of house, food and beverage, customer service, gaming, housekeeping and reception with a combination of both theory and practical delivery. Topics covered include an overview of the Hurley Hotel Group, point of sale and the H&L system, customer service, food service, beer knowledge, wine knowledge and appreciation, cocktails and spirits, account charges and gift vouchers and coffee knowledge.

Derek Milligan our training manager has developed the program and since February 2021 has trained over 300 staff members. His experience in the hospitality industry is impressive and extensive, having worked in between operational and management areas of Rooms Division and Food and Beverage in 5-star hotels, pubs, cafes, restaurants, and function centres.

Derek’s time in the industry has led him to believe knows that hospitality is about creating an experience. Working with our staff, his training modules enable our staff to facilitate that perfect experience and rise to a sophisticated level.

With his systematic training modules, he's going to help our staff to grow in their positions and even potentially develop their positions into careers.

Not only do his systematic training modules help our staff grow in their positions he is also practicing what he preachs working alongside our staff at the Arkaba and Marion Hotels in Restaurant operations, providing on the spot guidance and remaining up to date with workplace practices and trends.

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