Entertain Us

Hurley Hotel Group is passionate about live music and strives to put the very best entertainers in our venues.

Most entertainment is already booked well in advance, however we are continually looking for new and emerging artists that we might be able to slot in for new opportunities, or in case one of our performers needs to cancel at last minute.

If you would like to be considered for gigs within the Hurley Hotel Group, please get in touch by filling in the form below.


Entertainers, not just musicians. People actually do appreciate a bit of banter in between music, especially if you're announcing someone's special occasion!
Generally we are looking for performers / bands that are continually rehearsing and adding new songs to their repertoire. It doesn't have to be what's playing on the radio at the moment, but there are always big songs that have been released in the last year that would be appreciated by a crowd. Artists who are proud and keen to play at the venue, and happy to promote to their fans/friends/family that they’re playing there and get them to come along.

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