We're working with the Adelaide Food Fringe this year

It's going to be a celebration of pub and hotel culture

All of our staff are committed to providing a good culinary experience and we're glad that we're working with a project like the Adelaide Food Fringe that celebrates their contributions to the industry.
Adelaide Food Fringe is the 100% open access food and drink festival that supports and celebrates South Australia’s spectacular food and beverage industry across 9 days from 7 – 16 May 2021.
As a world first, the Adelaide Food Fringe will be promoting a new initiative: the International Pub Week. During that week across our hotels, we will be showcasing their food and drink specials for the occasion.
They will be celebrating the cultural significance of the community pub and hotel from Sunday 9th of May to Sunday 16 May.
This is a great opportunity for our group of community based hotels.
Hotels are essential community aggregators, mixing cultural elements like food, fine wine, beer, spirits and entertainment together for enriching experiences.
The Adelaide Food Fringe is a celebration of all the people and places that provide a special experience in food culture.