Public reply to the South Australian and extended music industry


We are well aware musicians have been affected in these challenging times, not unlike many other industries during COVID-19 and have been looking for ways to help.

Although our hotels were closed, we applied for a Government Music Grant seeking the opportunity to put together an online South Australian Battle of the Bands competition at the Arkaba Hotel. Our application focused on giving back to the music industry - with all grant monies going to hired technicians and rewarding the winning band in the form of cash and recording time as a first prize.

Also noticing many musicians taking the initiative to live stream performances from their homes for online communities, we saw an opportunity to provide a sense of ‘normality’ - a live stage with sound/AV support, playing to small crowd (due to restrictions) and offering live streaming exposure via our hotel online communities. Recognising that crowds are currently limited and circumstances will continue to change with Government announcements - we were not in a position to offer usual playing fees but did not expect musicians to play for no reward and so for those who were interested, offering vouchers in return for their time - for those who just wanted to jump on a stage again.

Importantly, this was only until circumstances start to return normal trading. A suggested temporary solution in these unprecedented times over the next 2 weeks to get our musicians back in our venues.

Pleasingly, there were a number of musicians interested to play in our venues but we understand it’s not going to appeal to everyone.

The email offering this option was circulated following what was intended as a good faith decision made by Hurley Hotel Group Management. In hindsight, we should not have sent it.

Our intent was not to offend but to reach out to our musicians that we had booked over the past year inviting them to play, if they were interested. We really miss the sound of jangling guitars and beautiful voices in our venues.

Jenny Hurley AM

Hurley Hotel Group